Product information

Bamboodeck is mostly a pure natural and consists of 60% bamboo fiber, which gives very good properties of the product's climate and UV resistance. Polyethylene is a 30% and 10% color and other additives.

Bamboodeck is available in the colors brown and gray. The material is wood composite that will not crack and can withstand high-pressure washing. During the first months of the surface can be bleached with a maximum of 8%, then the color is permanent.

On the model Classics both sides there are two different types of patterns in the form of derailments. These have not only a design advantage but also offers rapid runoff of rainwater or splash water from the pool. The models and Eco Heavy / Solid has a dense grooved side, while the other side is smooth.


Density 1,35 g / cm3
Breaking point > 3.300 N - EN 310
Flexure vid 500 N >1,5 mm - EN 310
Water absorption
in boiling water
Weight: < 2%
Length:< 0,5%
Width: < 1%
Thickness: < 1,5%
EN 1087-1
C/C measure between faders Max 40 cm, rec. 36 cm

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